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Latest News:

On January 28, 2013, EasyDialer is updated to 3.0. New features include Free Evenings/Weekend smart-dial exception,middle call screen contact number. It fixed many bugs for BlackBerry OS 5, 6 and 7.See (Release Notes). for details.

On April 6th, 2009, "BlackBerry EasyDialer brings relief (and unlimited calling) to some Google Voice users" -- GearDiary.

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EasyDialer - Calling Card Dialer, Google Voice Dialer.

Success Story -- EasyDialer's VOICE CALLBACK function saves a lot of money.

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How does EasyDialer work?

You may make a long distance phone call using a calling card, a subscription based service or a dial-through service. Whatever, the call is just a dial sequence -- a set of numbers and pauses instructed by service provider.

The EasyDialer stores these information as a calling card on your BlackBerry. It then supports two ways to place a call.

  • Smart Dial: Set some dial/no-dial rules. Then any outgoing calls are interpreted based on rules. Once a rule is matched, the rule action is taken to dial an assigned calling card. (See Samples)
  • Menu Dial: You simply select the destination number from either your address book, the phone/phone log screen, or the email screen, then select "Call with EasyDialer" menu. The EasyDialer will make the phone call for you. (See Samples)

How does Smart Dial work?

Smart Dial requires you to set rules for interpreting outgoing calls. Rules are checked by its order. Once a rule is matched, the rule action is taken. (See Samples)

A rule consists of action, destination number pattern and assigned calling card.

There are 3 type actions:

  • Dial: EasyDialer drops current call, then dials the assigned calling card
  • Don't Dial: current call is allowed going through.
  • Block: current call is dropped.

Below are some rules:

  • Don't dial if destination number starts with 1416,416, 1800,800.
    (Don't dial with calling card for local or toll-free numbers.)

  • Dial calling card [Google Voice] for any outgoing call.
    (Dial any number with my Google Voice)

  • Block the calls for any number starts with 44
    (I don't want my kid to accidently dial an internal call to Britain.

Please note "Smarts Number" in rules should not use +. For example number like "0114420xxxxx" is detected as "+4420xxxxx". Therefore these characters are not reliable.

"Starts Number" format is <country code> and/or <area code> followed by any numbers.

How does EasyDialer support extension number?

In your BlackBerry Address Book, you can add PAUSES or WAIT between destination number and extension number. When you place a call with EasyDialer, it will pause for given period or wait for you to continue with a pop up screen.

How does Smart-Dial support Free Evenings and Weekend?

From Options screen, set Free Evenings and Weekend's start time and end time. Then in dial rule's details, enable "Except Free Evenings/Weekend. When the rule matched, beyond the period, the initial outgoing call will be dropped and dialed with calling card. But during the period, the initial outgoing call will be allowed.

Contacts synchronized with Outlook uses 'x' for extension number. 'x' is supported since v2.7. In order to support 'x', the calling card must check option "Support long dial sequence".

Tips: It's better to add a WAIT before extension number when dialing extension number with calling card.

How does EasyDialer support dialing conference call code?

If it's a static conference call number and conference call code. You can set it as a contact.

If the conference call code is dynamic, on you BlackBerry, you can "Copy" the code from anywhere to clip board, then make the conference call. When conference call is connected, click menu "Dial From Clipboard".(See Samples)

What kind of services can EasyDialer simulates?

The EasyDialer can virtually simulate any dial sequence. For example, below services are supported, but not limited. (See Samples)

  • Prefix call: Dial a prefix before destination number.
  • Dial-through service: Dial a prefix service number, PIN, then destination number. Or vice verse.
  • Callback service: Dial an access number and hang up. The access number calls back. You then dial PIN and destination number.

What is difference between a trial version and an activated version?

When the EasyDialer is initially installed, it is just a trial version that will expire in 7 days. When it expires, you cannot make any phone calls using the EasyDialer. If you need more time to test, download it again for another 7-day trial.

After purchasing EasyDialer, you can activate the trial version, even if it's expired. Once it's activated, all calling cards information will be stored and survive through any version upgrade. However, we always recommend to backup your calling cards.

How to purchase and activate EasyDialer?

Click Purchase link at the top of the screen to purchase. You must fill in your phone number or BlackBerry PIN, and any valid email address to purchase it via PayPal. Once the transaction is confirmed, you can activate EasyDialer on your device.

To activate the application, run EasyDialer on your device, and select "Activate" from the menu to open the activation screen. Then fill in the email registered during your purchase, and click the "Activate Online" button. If there is any network or connection error, change another network service type and retry.

If you don't have data service to activate online, please click here to get activation code, input it into activation screen, and activate offline.

How to get Calling Card settings back, after activating EasyDialer?

After successful activation, exit EasyDialer and re-enter, the Calling Card settings should appear. This problem is fixed since v2.5.

Is it safe to purchase EasyDialer online?

The purchase is via PayPal, which secures the online purchase. Please visit the PayPal website for more information.

How to refund EasyDialer?

We do not have a refund policy. We expect you to purchase EasyDialer only after you have tried the trial version and are satisfied with it. If the trial version expires, you can re-download it and continue using it.

If I change my handheld phone number, can I continue using EasyDialer?

It depends on the registered information at the time of purchase. If the phone number is registered and later it is changed on your device, you can not use the EasyDialer any more. If the PIN is registered, you can continue enjoying it.

If I change my device, but not phone number, can I continue using EasyDialer?

It depends on the registered information at the time of purchase. If the phone number is registered and it stays the same on new device, yes you can continue enjoying it. Simply download EasyDialer to the new handheld, and finish the activation procedure. If the PIN is registered, you can not use the EasyDialer any more.

What are EasyDialer's limitations?

There isn't limitation when Smart Dial is enabled. You can dial any number, anywhere, in any way. However, Smart Dial is found not working with BlackBerry OS You may consider to upgrade BlackBerry OS to work around this problem.

Due to the BlackBerry API limitations and bugs, the "Call with EasyDialer" menu call may not work in the below situations:

  • Does not work on devices with BlackBerry OS 4.0 and older.
  • Cannot find the selected contact when searching in PhoneLog list.
  • Cannot find the selected contact in PhoneLog list if device runs BlackBerry OS 4.3.
  • BlackBerry contact has "Work 2, Home 2, Other". These fields cannot be retrieved in the contact list, but can be retrieved in the contact details screen.

How many Calling Cards does EasyDialer support?

You can add as many calling cards as possible, as long as the device memory is big enough.

What is Call Through?

The Call Through simulates making phone calls using a calling card or subscription based service. The EasyDialer dials the service number, once connected, it dials the dial sequence and the destination number.

What is Voice Callback service for unlimited incoming calls plan?

Some long distance call companies provide a callback service. When you make a phone call to the callback service number, the remote side terminates your call, then calls back in several seconds. You answer the call, and follow the voice instructions to input the destination number. If your phone's wireless plan allows unlimited incoming calls, this callback service saves a lot of money.

The EasyDialer allows you to add the calling card using the callback service.

What is Prefix Call?

The Prefix Call simulates making phone calls by adding service number as a prefix before the destination number. The EasyDialer combines the service number and the destination number, then makes the phone call.

What is Sprint FonCard?

This call type is special for Sprint FonCard service. The service authenticates the calling card during CONNECTING status. So EasyDialer dials the service number, the dial sequence and the destination number BEFORE the call is actually connected. This call type works for any services similar to Sprint FonCard.

What is Calling Card status for?

Set calling card status to "Active" to make it usable. If the calling card doesn't have balance for making calls, but you still want to keep it, set its status to "inactive" to disable its usage.

What is Calling Card Dial Sequence?

Generally when you make a phone call to the calling card service directly, you'll need to follow the voice instructions to input the desired language, card authorization number(PIN), international call prefix, termination character and etc. You'll also need to wait between questions(Pause). These inputs make up the dial sequence. It may be asked before or after destination number.

When you add a calling card to EasyDialer, you need to input the dial sequence required by the calling card, add one or two Pause tones between different informations. The EasyDialer will dial the exact sequence for you when making a phone call.

How does EasyDialer support very long dial sequence?

Direct Call type calling card has an option to support long dial sequence. With it unchecked, EasyDialer will concatenate calling card dial sequences and destination number into one "phone number" and place the call. The native BlackBerry phone function will dial the "number". But the call may not be completed if the "number" is too long.

By checking the option, EasyDialer dials calling card dial sequences after service phone call is connected. However, it may not work well with some BlackBerry OS versions or carrier networks.

What is Calling Card international prefix?

Simply, it tells EasyDialer how to convert '+' for an international call. Most calling card services don't accept '+'. Users are required to dial appropriate international prefix for the call. For example, in Europe and Asia, you may dial '00', in North America, you may dial '011'. The EasyDialer adds the prefix defined in this field before the destination phone number automatically.

What is Preferred Calling Card?

When you make a phone call, a dialog will show active calling cards list and ask you to select one to call. The preferred calling card always appears on the top of the list.